Frequently Asked Questions

For best results use only one dose of Savvy Green laundry detergent in top or front loading (HE) machines. Some garments require a few washings for Savvy Green to effectively remove residues. After this, you should notice the long-lasting benefits of Savvy Green: low suds, softer clothes, clean scent.
Fabric Softeners are not recommended or needed. For excessive or stubborn stains, treat laundry with Savvy Green Oxygen Brightening Powder.

Yes. In order to qualify as biodegradable, a substance must be 80% degraded in 28 days. We exceeded that standard by far (blew that out of the water)—our detergent degraded over 97%.

Sprinkle Savvy Green laundry detergent directly in the drum in your washer. Some HE dispenser drawers simply do not have enough water pressure to ensure that all the powder gets evenly distributed and caking sometimes occurs if the dispenser drawer is used.

Sodium Carbonate: this is mainly used to bring the pH up a bit as well as aiding in the softening of hard-water
C12-15 Pareth-2: This is a surfactant which acts as a glue between the dirt particles and water particles. When the water is drained from the washing machine, the dirt goes with it. It also lowers the surface tension of the water to allow it to totally engulf any dirt or stain that may be on the garment.
Sodium Metasilicate (Drying Agent): This dries out the mixture of the two above which increases the effectiveness of the cleaner. It also acts as a chelating agent, which binds up heavy metals that may be in the clothing or the water.

HE stands for High Efficiency and describes washing machines that are low-sudsing and quick-dispersing. HE machines are preferred as an environmentally friendly alternative to top-loading machines because of their lower water use. Savvy Green laundry detergent can be used for High Efficiency (HE) or front-loading or top-loading (traditional) washers.

Absolutely. The flexible HDPE 2 is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) #2 that can be recycled. There are several Internet sites that can guide you to the nearest drop-off point in your city if you do not have curbside recycling. Check out and other sites to locate a recycling center near you.

Gosh no. Optical brightening agents are additives that enhance the color of fabric—but not without cost. Brighteners can irritate the skin and contain unnecessary chemicals.

Yes, we have used Eurofins Products Testing Services and Japan Food Research Laboratories. Certified Free of Chlorine, Formaldehyde and Phosphates. Passed the biodegradability test and then some!

If you are in doubt, we recommend testing a garment using cold water. Simply soak the garment without any detergent in a bucket. If you discover that the water takes on the color of the garment, dye bleed is occurring. Red knits often cause dye bleed in the laundry. Do not dry the item; instead, soak in Savvy Green’s Oxygen Brightener overnight in cold water. If there is significant dye bleed, repeat. Some fabric and garment manufacturers do not meet the EU dye standards. If other clothing items are affected by dye bleed, do not dry the items; repeat the wash (without the dye bleed item) in cold water with Savvy Green laundry detergent, and add a cup of white vinegar to help remove the discolored items.

Chlorine bleach can be used in the wash cycle but you don’t need as much to disinfect as you do to whiten. Keep in mind bleach residues can irritate the skin. Color safe Oxygen bleaches can also be used.

Savvy Green is not a disinfectant. Be sure to disinfect before using Savvy Green.

Absolutely not, we would never order any testing using animals or test on any animals ourselves.

We hope you’ll give Savvy Green laundry soap a try—and we’re pretty sure you’ll stick with it once you do.

Through membership in the Natural Products Association we are provided and are able to act on issues regarding local, national and international standards.  We are informed on suppliers and regulatory matters affecting our products, ranging from local to international topics.

Sodium Percarbonate uses oxygen for destaining and deodorizing. Sodium Carbonate helps to clean and soften the water. The Oxygen Brightening Powder is fragrance free, chlorine free, and phosphate free; and is a non-chlorine bleach that will fight stains and odors and whiten whites.