Trust the Scoop

Trust the Scoop, one little scoop for a standard load, yes, that’s it. Hard to believe but we developed Savvy Green to use less detergent so there is no need to over dose or use fabric softeners. We don’t use added fillers or chemicals so our detergent is super-concentrated. We also Do Not use optical brightening agent which are additives that enhance the color of fabric—but not without cost. Brighteners can irritate the skin and contain unnecessary chemicals. For heavy loads like towels, sheets and rags you may need two scoops.

Savvy Green naturally cleans your clothes and machine. No fragrance, no chlorine, no phosphates. Safer for sensitiver skin and fabrics. Biodegradable and in an innovative recyclable, resealable pouch. We have received so many fabulous reviews about how our detergent works on sweaty clothes, babies and kids clothes, keeps dark clothes dark. Using the right dose saves the environment and your money. 

We wanted a powder detergent instead of liquid, powder detergents are more sustainable and have a smaller carbon footprint. Think about those big heavy water based liquid detergents being shipped around the globe. Keep your pouch sealed to keep out moisture!
FOR BEST RESULTS: Place the Savvy Green laundry detergent directly in the drum first then add your clothes. Use only one dose of Savvy Green laundry detergent in top or front loading (HE) machines. Some garments require a few washings for Savvy Green to effectively remove residues. After this, you should notice the long-lasting benefits of Savvy Green: low suds, softer clothes, clean scent. Be sure not to overload!
Fabric Softeners are not recommended or needed. For excessive or stubborn stains, treat laundry with Savvy Green Oxygen Brightening Powder.

We are a women owned business, based in St Petersburg, Florida.

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