Tea Lovers Rejoice

If you love tea, you know about tea stains.  One of my teapots has a dark brown glaze, so tea stains aren’t so noticeable. Yet on a white porcelain, the stain looks disgusting and requires cleaning the pot regularly.  It would be lovely to simply turn the pot upside down on the top rack of the dishwasher, but that won’t do the job.  Some love to concoct a paste and scrub to get immediate satisfaction.  I suggest patience – simply let the pot soak overnight with a capful of Oxygen Brightener and miracles will happen.  The next morning all you need to do is a light pass over the inside of the pot with a scrub sponge, and poof – it is gone.  Simply put the pot in the dishwasher during the next load, and admire the results.

porcelein pot without tea stainsYears ago a friend suggested soaking overnight with a water/bleach combination. Not only is that not the eco-friendly method, but your tea will taste like bleach.  There are all sorts of other options such as making a paste with bicarbonate, vinegar, lemon juice, toothpaste, denture cleaner, but this is certainly the cleverest.

If you’ve struggled with removing stubborn tea stains from your cups and pots, you will be delighted at how easily the unsightly brown stains wipe clean.