Scrub the Deck – Get rid of the mold

Pollen from lots of oak trees in our neighborhood provide great food for molds to grow on the deck.  Don’t you love the bright new leaves that Spring brings –yet most of us can do without all the pollen. Combine the “food” that the pollen brings along with water and warmer weather then spores germinate and the deck gets to look a bit nasty.  Sweeping the deck regularly to reduce pollen, dust and sediment helps. As summer approaches and humidity increases, the dampness and higher temperatures allow for growth, resulting in dark spots and a dirty-looking deck.

After many power-washings only to find that the wood cracked and pitted from the power of the sprayer, I noticed that scrubbing the deck takes care of the mold pretty handily.  Regretfully many manufacturers recommend bleach, but your garden won’t be pleased.  All it takes is a scrub brush, detergent or baking soda, and your deck looks new again!

moldy deck cleaned with laundry detergent