Reusable disinfectant wipes

Perfect for quick kitchen and bath cleanups. Until we figured out a convenient way to make reusable wipes, kitchen, bathroom and pet cleanups were done with sponges and paper towels. After reading about the bacteria count in kitchen sponges, or feeling guilty about all the paper towels that were being used for these cleanups, it was time to create another method.  Now we go through at least 30 reusable wipes every 10 days!  Using worn out cotton sheets and tee shirts, we have the perfect texture and cleaning method.  Counter and stove spills, handprints on cabinets, door handles — all are wiped down easily with these pre-moistened, antibacterial cloths.  When all are used, time to mix another batch. 

Reusable wipe recipe: 1cu ea vinegar & distilled water (we use the HVAC condensate!), 12 drops tea tree oil, 2 Tbl Castile soap, 4 drops rosemary oil, lavender oil or your choice, 20-30 cleaning cloths (favorites are rags from high thread count old sheets and T-shirts). Your count of wipes based on thickness of fabric. Tea tree oil has antimicrocrobial, antifugal, and antiseptic properties while vinegar’s acidity makes it such a good cleaner.