In Pursuit of the Perfect Pouch

Why all this excitement over a pouch? Well, I searched the web for months to land on just the right bag for our laundry detergent. It had to be perfect. First and foremost, we needed packaging that lived up to our standard of smart, green and clean.

Here in Florida, we co-habitate with mold and everything else that’s drawn to hot and damp surroundings. In order to ensure that the powder didn’t lose its fluffiness and was protected from humidity, we needed lots of protection. Cardboard wouldn’t cut it – too much clumping.

Then one day, I found it! The perfect bag! But there was a caveat: in order to get the recyclable pouch that we wanted, we had to order tens of thousands of them. Rita and I thought it was crazy to start with so many. But soon, our family, friends and business colleagues convinced us that it was the right decision to go full steam ahead. And when you see it, you’ll get it. This is one smart pouch. For one, you can reuse it for other dry contents. It is also amazingly, unabashedly green: there is more than 50% reduction in packaging for the product, as well as decreased bulk for shipping, and less room required on store shelves.

Best of all, you can recycle the bag.

Finally, the pouch contains a super-concentrated formula that means you only need to put in one tablespoon per wash to get your clothes clean. We are not ashamed to admit that we love this pouch! From the smooth feel of the matte finish to its surprising sturdiness on the shelf to its easy fit in your hand to the convenient open-and-close top.

It’s all in the bag. Enjoy!