Our Scoop

“Yes, you really only need ONE scoop”! I find myself saying that over and over again to Savvy Green Laundry detergent customers. The detergent is ultra concentrated, so refrain from putting in that extra scoop. Save your money. Each load will only cost 18 cents if you use one scoop for all of the 80 loads each pouch gives you.

Thanks to family and friends, we have been getting plenty of feedback on how their laundry is going since they purchased Savvy Green detergent. I found myself repeatedly trying to convince my Mom to use one little scoop when she has always had to use big scoops or large capfuls. When she finally did try just one scoop she told me that dark clothes that were looking faded were now brighter! Mom is a tough customer to please, so I was thrilled. My sister Karen thinks her towels are softer and my other sister Trish told me the yellow under-arm stains on tennis clothes is much less visible. Both sisters cannot believe how long one package lasts.

I decided to do some research on the size of scoop that other manufacturers advise when using other less concentrated formulas. I’m so proud of how small our suggested size is compared to others. The Savvy Green laundry detergent is the smallest scoop shown – isn’t it amazing how big the others are in comparison?