Mary Foster’s Spotless Baseball Cap

Our friend and favorite bookkeeper Mary has a plain old light-colored, cotton baseball cap that she absolutely loves. She loves it because it’s so soft, and so comfortable, and it fits her head just right and it is perfect for gardening.

Recently Mary hit her head really hard on a low-hanging branch. She didn’t realize how hard she banged it until later, when she found her head had been bleeding. Her first-aid skills took care of the head but she had not realized that her open wound had messed up her favorite hat – that is, until next time she wore it to garden. She picked up her cap and was devastated to find bloodstains on it. There was no way Mary was ready to give up her wonderful, perfect gardening cap! Even though it was a week since the accident, Mary told me that she thought this was the perfect test for the Savvy Green Oxygen Brightening powder that she had recently purchased. She soaked the cap overnight using just one tablespoon in enough water to cover it, and found the stains almost gone in the morning. Giving it a final rub, she tossed it in with the rest of her laundry and used one scoop of Savvy Green laundry detergent. Voila! Mary is out in the garden again – wearing her soft, stain-free and perfectly clean, favorite baseball cap.