Laundry Reviews

Savvy Green Laundry Detergent reviews worth sharing:

“I bought this because I didn’t like the wastefullness of liquid detergent. This totally does last a long time, I’ve used it for months and it’s hardly put a dent in it. Highly recommended!”

“This detergent seriously, seriously ROCKS!! I LOVE IT! It is absolutely the most effective detergent I have ever used and to top it off, it also is toxin free and eco friendly! I am constantly trying new products but I have been using this for years and will continue to do so. Before Savvy Green, I was buying big plastic jugs of detergent every few weeks. It was terrible for the environment, really expensive, and they are full of hazardous chemicals. When I was pregnant with my first child a few years ago, I switched all my products to ones that were “green.” Green clothing detergents that are effective are very difficult to come by especially considering my family is constantly getting sweaty, stinky, and dirty! Enter Savvy Green….this detergent leaves my clothes clean and deliciously fresh smelling, like they’ve been outside hanging on a clothesline. You only need 1 to 2 teeny tiny scoops of detergent (this scoop is crazy small!). And you know what else is awesome? You no longer need to use ANY fabric softener and clothes are even fluffier than before! One less step (not to mention the elimination of my personal pet peeve of finding those dang used dryer sheets all over!)….Recently, I emailed the company and was sent a personal email reply from one of the co-founders. She was very gracious and thoroughly answered a question I had regarding the ingredients. If you are thinking about trying this product, do it. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!”

“You get a lot of bang for your buck with this detergent! I’ve had success using less than the recommended amount in HE washing machines, so it goes even further if you’ve got one of those. But the number one reason I love this detergent is how effective it is in cold/cool water. Most of my clothes are cotton or cotton blend, so I prefer cooler temps for preserving the integrity of the fibers. Problem is, most detergents won’t fully dissolve in HE machines if you use cool water, leaving residu “ e behind. This is the *only* detergent, green or popular commercial brand, liquid or powder, that rinses clean. My clothes are clean and fresh, fragrance-free, as soft as the day they were purchased, and they simply stay nicer longer. I don’t worry anymore about dyes fading, clothes shrinking, or other sartorial tragedies wrought by inadequate detergents. Which is 99.99% of them! Believe me, I’ve tried everything.”

“I have front loading machines and an odor is present when the inside and gaskets aren’t dried well after each load. This detergent really eliminates that odor. Also don’t even need fabric softener. I wouldn’t use anything else again.”

“This stuff works really well. I’m allergic to a lot of things so I have to be careful about what kind of detergent I buy. It doesn’t smell like anything in particular, but when my clothes are done being washed/dried, they smell clean and nice. I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s not a distinct scent, but I know most “free and clear”/unscented detergents don’t leave your clothes smelling nice. This does and it doesn’t make me itchy.”

“I have a “chemistry-free” home, as much as that is possible. We have special needs and skin issues across my three kids, so I have tried just about everything out there. The clothes come out with no smell, nothing. They are simply clean. It also brightens my whites and removes old stains, which is better than any chemical-laden detergent I have ever used.”