Here’s the Scoop

“Yes, you really only need ONE scoop”!  The Savvy Green laundry detergent powder is the smallest scoop shown and we are so proud– isn’t it amazing how big the others are in comparison? No need to over dose on detergent. All Savvy Green detergent powder includes a scoop in the pouch.

Our suggested one dose for standard loads and up to two scoops for large loads is all you need. The super-concentrated formula with no fillers, extra chemicals or fragrance cleans your clothes and machine.

No extra fabric softener is needed with Savvy Green laundry detergent.

We continue to get plenty of feedback from family, friends and loyal customers about the size of our scoop and that it really works! European and High Efficiency machines can use even less than one scoop based on water levels and load size.

New and now available in pre-measured single dose packs, that’s another story to share!