Grow your own hydroponic microgreen sprouts

Using the Victorio sprouter, this video includes description of how to grow microgreens as hydroponics. You will know how to drain the water to ensure safety and learn what conditions are best for this vertical sprouter. There are many benefits to sprouts including their benefits as antioxidants, sprouts enable healthy digestion, insulin resistance, as well as a boost to immunity. It’s convenient to grow sprouts at home in any season. Hydroponic sprouts require watering in the morning and in the evening. Average sprouting time is often stated to be three to five days yet conditions, seed type, etc often yield 6 to 7 days for maturity. Rather than using the vertical sprouting system you may find that placing the trays horizontally on a windowsill will prevent mold and all the sprout trays will get sufficient sunlight to prosper. The sprouts can be used for salads, as a very attractive garnish, and for smoothies.  They can also be cooked but of course you lose a lot of the nutrients when you do so. Discover how easy it is to grow your own sprouts inexpensively and with little effort.