Create your Sustainable Lifestyle – Just add Passion

When Ann Wolf, author of a local “Green Living” column asked if she could highlight me as a local example of sustainable living, I was pleased.

We like to be early adapters of sustainable improvements — solar panels were in place 15 years ago, reflective pigment roof coatings were specified and are in place, a radiant barrier to the underside of the roof decking was added, reflective film on double pane windows are installed, LED lighting, multiple 55 gallon rain barrels, 23 cu ft composter, 20 SEER HVAC an on-demand water heater, and energy star appliances have replaced less efficient models.

As we hear about creative approaches that others are incorporating into their own sustainable living lifestyle we realize there are so many ways that we could be doing more.  Each of us are drawn to our own special ways to make a difference, and at some point you realize you just can’t do it all.  Some have embraced zero waste living, others have created their own carbon offset programs for business travel, while some families have designed and implemented household permaculture programs.

Simplifying our lives has just naturally led to the most improvements in our sustainable efforts – and it is fun!  We ride our bikes for errands and work, buy in bulk to be as package-free as possible, get our produce from a local vegetable buying co-operative, and live modestly. Read all about us!