CoMo’s Gardens

Mira was the winner for 2016 Savvy Green productsCommunity Gardens have been around since the 1890’s, with a resurgence in the depression.  Called Victory Gardens in World War 2, community gardens were once a way to supplement domestic food supply and for the unemployed to grow their own food. The movement is now well entrenched in most cities – we especially like the community gardens of Columbia Missouri (aka CoMo). Over 2000 people are involved in the gardens that are supported by donations, operating from grants from the city of Columbia, and lots of hard work. 

To keep this impressive coalition of 35 gardens running smoothly, the garden leaders get together for an annual meeting to discuss separation of a bulk seed order and distribution to all, and to thank all those that give seemingly countless volunteer hours. Fortunately my sister Ann Marie (a Board Member of the Community Garden Coalition) ensured that Savvy Green products were included in the raffle at the garden leader’s meeting, and Mira Stoddart was the winner!

Mira leads the Claudell garden group – it is one of the organic gardens. Mira’s Claudell garden group ensure that all gardeners in their group use organic gardening techniques.  Claudell garden also houses the rototiller. Missouri’s ubiquitous clay makes for a good deal of work, so keeping the rototiller running is serious business. Mira is an art teacher, musician, gardener, and cyclist. With limited disposable time, she runs organizes her time wisely. We are so pleased that Mira won those Savvy Green products which can be found in CoMo at Clovers Market.

Community Gardens in  St. Petersburg, FL and Santa Monica CA