kids laundry

Jul. 31th, 2019

Oils in tomato sauces will discolor plastic utinsels when heated, and it is tough to get those stains out. When the spatula didn't come clean with dish soap, escalating the cleaning solution was called for.  One tablespoon of oxygen brightener in a cup of water, and soaking did the job!  Now the spatula looks so much better

Eco Laundry detergent powder, fragrance free, safer for kids and sensitive skin, great for summer camp, 32lb bulk size bucket
Mar. 31th, 2019


As we think about our customers planning for spring break, college and summer camp, we wanted to share a wonderful and much appreciated testimonial. We have been selling our Savvy Green Eco Clean 32lb. Laundry Detergent Powder to Trails End and Chestnut Lake Camps in Pennsylvania for four years. The Savvy Green laundry detergent powder is super-concentrated, fragrance free, safer for sensitive skin and fights stains naturally

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